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Baked Ziti


I’ve always been a fan of baked ziti…well really just about any baked pasta dish.  I mean who doesn’t enjoy pasta smothered with cheese?!  This recipe promised a flavorful dish without the rubbery cheese, grainy sauce, and mushy noodles found in many other baked ziti recipes.  It definitely lived up to those expectations!  I think […]

Well what can I say, I have once again fallen off of the food blogging bandwagon.  Sorry about that folks, somewhere in between my board exam, vacation, and the start of my third year rotations blogging found itself on the back burner.  But I am happy to report that I am back and to start […]

Homemade Pizza


About two years ago Kyle and I had the opportunity to spend the morning at a small cooking school here in Ft. Lauderdale.  On that particular Saturday the subject at hand was homemade pizza, it covered everything from the dough, to the sauce, and even the toppings! We had a great time together that day […]

  Kyle and I have only moved cities a couple times but one of the first things on our list to find is a mom and pop’s style Italian restaurant.  You see we grew up with this great little Italian restaurant in our hometown, it has been said that Kyle used the pizza crust as […]

Yummy, yummy, yummy!  That pretty much sums up how I felt about this recipe.  Not only did it taste great in the form of pork nachos but it was great as BBQ pulled pork sandwiches a few nights later after a long day at school.  Contrary to the name, the spicy element seemed to be […]

This is another week night favorite!  It’s fast, simple, and most of the ingredients can be found hanging out in our pantry and freezer on any given night.  This is also my submission for this month’s Tasty Tools event featuring measuring devices, hence the pretty picture of my All-Clad measuring cup filled to the brim […]

Crockpot Roast


This is by far one of our favorite weeknight go-to recipes; I absolutely love coming home to the smell of this in the Crockpot.  Nothing screams comfort food like this easy and versatile roast.  It can even be jazzed up for company by stirring in sour cream, peas, or mushrooms during the last 30 minutes.  […]