Chicken Parmesan




Kyle and I have only moved cities a couple times but one of the first things on our list to find is a mom and pop’s style Italian restaurant.  You see we grew up with this great little Italian restaurant in our hometown, it has been said that Kyle used the pizza crust as a teething biscuit when he was little.  So needless to say, this restaurant is near and dear to our hearts and has set the bar pretty high.  The other night I had a craving for Mt. Dora Pizza’s chicken parmesan that just would not go away so I set off to find the perfect recipe.


I stumbled across a blog called Food Wishes authored by Chef John, it not only had a great recipe but it had a You Tube video which showed him preparing the dish step by step.  I’m sure I am a dork, since I thought the video feature was VERY cool.   He has great tips and is really easy to follow.  Because of his awesome instructions I will only list the needed ingredients and encourage you to watch the video!  This was a wonderful dish which lived up to my very high expectations!



4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 cups “Panko” Japanese style bread crumbs
3/4 cup grated parmesan
1/2 cup grated provolone
4 oz fresh mozzarella
salt and pepper to taste
red pepper flakes to taste
olive oil for frying
1/2 cup prepared tomato sauce
1/4 cup fresh shredded basil, or pesto, or dried Italian herbs of your choice, or omit


Source: Food Wishes

3 Responses to “Chicken Parmesan”

  1. 1 ash

    looks delicious! i always use bread crumbs for chicken parm but frequently use panko for other breaded chicken dishes… great idea!

  2. this looks great and is one of my favorite italian meals!

  3. 3 thecookingnurse

    I just wanted to thank you for all my goodies! I love it all, you did such a great job! Check out the WC board for my shout out to you!

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